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Vastu - Do's and Don'ts

So many of you were curious about Vastu Do’s and Don’ts so I’ve actually compiled a list of things that you can take into account when looking to rent / buy a new space thanks to Jinisha Parmar from vastu and spaces.

The principles of vastu are generically just based on the balance of energies that flow in and out of a living environment. I know it’s a heavy subject, but this session was interesting for me and I hope it is for you too.



Favourable entrances are in the N, NE, W, S and E

Earthy Colours

Bury a small pyramid under an entrance floor tile (Why pyramids? The pyramid structure naturally generates energy to heal a place by counteracting energies. In Egypt pyramids have housed dead bodies without decomposition because the sloping structure itself has such a high energy shield )


Avoid NW, SW, SE

Avoid Black and Grey



Your bed headboard should be in the S or W

Wake up facing the N or E  as your body's magnetic field becomes asymmetrical with that of the Earth.

Money plants / jasmine / bamboo plants all bring prosperity


No mirrors or reflective laminates facing the bed. This is because mirrors bounce back all the energy in the room including the negative restless ones.

Avoid pictures of Gods and Goddesses

Avoid Grey walls or flooring

Thorny or Bonsai Plants as they stunt growth.

Living Room


Try and ensure your new home’s floor plan is a square. If there must be an extension it is favourable in the NE

Wooden flooring

Clockwise staircase


Avoid marble flooring with grey streaks

Stagnated water shouldn't be kept anywhere in the house as if the water is dirty it attracts negative energy.

Avoid Toilets in the NE

Avoid morbid paintings. If there are animals running they should always run towards your entrance.



Favourable to have your kitchen in the SE  since its the place of fire (Fire Element).

Have a small element of the colour red

Store room / Attic


Avoid any unused junk to be in the NE because it creates inert energy, being the barrier to your success.

I think a flow of energy through different directions (North, South, East, West ) is a very real concept andits brilliant if we can incorporate some of this science to assist them to exist in harmony with the physical forces of nature.

After compiling this I realised my home is certainly not vastu compliant, but I made small changes like repositioning the mirrors and turning my kids bed around. Hope it’s helpful to a some of you who are about to move into new homes and its easiest to incorporate when you have a blank space to work with.

Also follow Jinisha on @vastu_and_spaces on Instagram

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