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Rules for choosing a colour palette for your home

So before I tell you the rules – there are 2 things you need to take into consideration

 Are there colours that you are stuck with and that you will have to design your room around? Maybe you are in a rented space with accent walls / wallpaper? Maybe you have family furniture that you won’t be selling? You have to take those points into consideration before choosing a new palette.

Get a starting point. Is there an art piece / photograph / cushion / rug you absolutely love and want to incorporate in your newly designed space? They make for a really great starting point.

For example - if you’ve loved our AA Living mustard petal rug – you already have a complex bright shade to work with. *wink wink*



Now for the rules

60% of your home should be a neutral base

30% of your home should be a secondary colour

10% should be a fun pop of color / accent shade


60% can be cream / white / light grey

Which you can incorporate though walls, big furniture items and maybe even rugs.


30%  can be any secondary color on the color wheel


 I like to add it in my curtains / small paintings and even my bedding.


10% can be the fun part - a pop of color

A really fun décor items like a throw or our best selling evil eye cushion! You really need some fun shades to add personality to your space.



Any other rules you swear by? Leave me a comment.

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