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Everything You Need to Know About Monogrammed Towels

If you’re in the market for new towels or looking for a simple way to spruce up your guest bathroom, a small personalised touch like monogramming your initials or family surname is such an eye catcher to an otherwise staple essential.

If you used someone’s guest bathroom and saw that their decorative hand towel had an “M” on it for their last name, you would immediately think their home is really sophisticated and associate it with fancy hotels. That’s the thing monogrammed hand and face towels can instantly do - transform your ordinary guest bathroom into an elegant one and turn a simple towel into a special one.

Having different monograms for each family member also means your towels never get interchanged.

AA Living does a range of 18 colours of Luxury Supima cotton towels. Supima cotton is a superior fiber with a hollow core which traps air so that after washing & tumble drying the towel just gets thicker and fluffier. So adding monograms to these soft, absorbent luxury towels is a real treat!

Embroidered with a sateen finish thread, they are colour fast which allow you to still machine wash your linen. Easy care, yet so luxe! We are obsessed!


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