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Ultraviolet – Pantone™ 2018 Color of the Year

So every year Pantone annually selects one shade that stands out against the rest. They have decided this year to honour Pantone 18-3838, otherwise known as ultraviolet.

During their big announcement of this enigmatic purple shade, Pantone said they hope that its cosmic hue will push the boundaries of what inspires us to look upward and outward to the future.

Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute says that it communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking, by way of explanation. It's also the most complex of all colors, she continues, because it takes two shades that are seemingly diametrically opposed and brings them together to create something new.

What's your take on this vibrant hue? Love it / Hate it or just Meh about it? In my recent instagram poll, 71% of you all loved it – so I think Pantone may have a winner on their hands this year.

My only concern is how this shade will lend itself to interiors, purple is a tricky shade and you cant really make a subtle statement with a colour like this. I'm trying to picture a bedspread in this shade, and I must admit I did cringe a wee bit. Maybe a few pop accents like cushions, accessories would be enough. Let's see - time will tell.

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