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Tricks to add volume to your tiny space

Written for In a metropolitan city, space is considered a luxury. Rightly so, because when we turn around we’re most likely to hit a wall! Being in the business of interiors and décor, the years of entrepreneurship have taught me a thing or two about managing a space. Today, I’m revealing a few simple secrets to add volume to the area you call home.
  1. The right light makes all the difference. While a room may come with the standard fluorescent lights, you can add depth just by changing the bulbs. Add more warm light sources which will flatter your area and fit your taste.
  2. When you are surrounded by four walls all day long, make sure they look fantastic. A fresh coat of paint or even simpler, wallpaper can do wonders. A contemporary décor style to try is by offsetting three neutral toned walls with one wall in prints, textures or deep hues. You will feel like you’re walking into a new room!
  3. If you are a fan of basic tones of creams and beiges for your walls, accessorize it with artinstead! My personal favorite is salon style art so find a genre of artwork you enjoy and distribute it all over your walls. Not only will it change the look of the room, nail holes are easy to fill if you ever feel like rearranging your frames.
  4. There are few things that turn a house into a home and one of those is investment pieces, which includes sculptures, artifacts, photography and designs. Putting thought and energy into pieces can transform your space and can be carried along with you if you ever change homes.
  5. The next time you go upholstery shopping, think about functionality along with the design. Choose upholstery which includes a stain resistant or water repellent coating. It will withstand all those accidental wine spills and will be easier on maintenance.
  6. If tile work is too much of a burden to revamp your floor, mix it up with rugs and carpets. They are the perfect temporary way of injecting your own personality into your space.
  7. Rather than purchasing one large unit for your room, buy smaller organized units. This will allow for more flexibility while decorating while keeping it uncluttered.
  8. Instead of restricting yourself with maintaining a single theme throughout the house, try mixing and matching. The combination of pieces makes for interesting design while featuring all your favorite styles.
  9. Spruce up your sofa with statement cushions! It’s criminal to go bland so whether it is your favorite quote, a striking shade or sequins, pick a few cushions which will grab eyeballs.
  10. Most importantly, make sure your home exudes a pleasant fragrance, which is the first sensory cue that guests will notice as they enter. For a whiff of citrus or floral scents, I choose reed diffusers to spread the smell throughout.

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