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Travel Story – Amanbagh (Jaipur)

I had to write a whole new post about the Amanbagh property (in Jaipur) that the wonderful Jo Malone London team whisked us to as a mid week getaway. It’s difficult to put into words how beautiful this hotel actually was, architecture and service aside, it was the warmth and the attention to detail that everyone put into everything, right from the first welcome prayer. The rooms were palatial and grand, the bathroom was a haven in itself…and I can’t even begin to describe the personal plunge pool in my balcony, so I will leave you with a lot of images below, because I’m truly at a loss for words. The room service food, although with a limited menu was fresh, organic and bursting with flavour. The spa session was an absolute treat, and the masseuse was one of the best I’ve ever used. All in all, if you’re looking to really indulge and spoil yourself for a few days, and don’t want to visit a commercial place…I would highly highly recommend this beautiful property of Amanbagh.

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