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Top 4 - Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

Most of you know about my terrible black thumb and that I somehow manage to kill most of my plants at home.
HOWEVER there have been a few through the years that have been relatively low maintenance.

Here’s my list of indoor plant suggestions… if I can keep them alive then so can you!


If you had to buy one plant, this would be it! I’ve had mine for 5 years now and its just so beautiful. I even travelled for a month overseas and it did well with water once a week. However that being said, I’ve also over-watered it several times and it STILL didn't rot and die on me! Winner all around!

Mother in laws tongue

I’ve had this since 2 years and all it required is a sturdy bottom soil grip and being watered sparingly.

Peace Lily Plant

If you love flowering plants then this is the only one that's survived. Keep it out of direct sunlight and it won’t wilt on you – it likes shade and hates being over watered.

Monstera Plant

This one has the potential to be a big pinteresty looking plant but beware that it needs to be in a decently sunny area otherwise it doesn't do so well.

Any more suggestions and top favourites? Comment below and let me know!

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