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The Spring cure

Ways to add a little Spring to your home (yaay!) · Bring in something alive — Flowers are great. A plant is perfect. Anything fresh and alive will get your mind in springtime mode. · Capture the scents of the season, with fragranced candles or linen spray that smell light and floral. · Buy a few pastel accessories. It doesn’t have to be a big splurge, but even a new framed print, patterned cushion, candle stands, trays or a vase. · My favorite colors for the season would be salmon pink, duck egg blue, lemon yellow and a light teal. · Water filled glass vases. · Add fresh scents like citrus to your laundry. Softeners are a great buy. · Lighten up your linens — its all about soft, pastel or white mercerized cotton sheets · Wash the windows —let in all that gorgeous springtime light come in! · Consider a switch to sheers instead of heavy drapes. Changing your curtain panels to something light, bright or airy is an easy and inexpensive way to give your entire room a mini spring makeover.

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