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The Edge-y Pop of Colour

The phrase “pop of colour” is one of the most overused clichés in the home design and fashion world. But painting one wall purple or adding red pillows isn’t always a quick fix. While there’s nothing wrong with an accent colour, don’t feel obligated to add colour to a perfectly balanced neutral room. The eye doesn’t tire of neutrals as easily as it does of colour, which means you wont have to redecorate as often. Colour can be introduced in transient details: a bowl of citrus fruits, a vase of flowers, or something as simple as painting an edge. Try one or all of the below – 1. Paint the edge of a door – I would use a really fun shade so it pops when its open. 2. Paint the edge of an unframed canvas– works beautifully with wrapped canvas paintings 3. Paint the edge of a shelf – This would work with any open shelf, my favorite being a bookshelf or study unit. 4. Paint the ceiling trim or molding – Looks particular great in kids rooms or nurseries.

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