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The classic romantic home

The bedroom should be a retreat where you can rest your body and mind (ignore if you have an over active toddler with verbal diarrhea). Creating a soft, luxe, romantic look is one of those classics that is pleasing to the eye and never goes out of style. Here are a few pointers on how to achieve it – · Use soft pinks and grey hues to give it a softness that’s not overly feminine. · Balance out the feminine with rustic and more masculine-like wood textures · Art is so important – Prints of your favorite impressionists (Monet always being my first choice); or even a gallery of empty white frames on the wall · Fresh flowers add an element of life and romance to the home. · Add weathered / matt silver and gold touches in several places. Aged patina also works great. · Add mirrored detailing · Buy bed linen that looks like it belongs in a hotel. It doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to look and feel luxurious. A fluffy / thick comforter will look the part. · Think touches of lace, silk flowers (like peonies), perfume bottles and candles · Splurge on Lighting – lighting has a profound impact on the psychological effect of the interior. Low wattage bulbs and dimmers are a must have to create an intimate ambiance. · Ensure your curtains are taller and longer so there is some fabric puddling on the floor. · Feature furniture with curves and soft shapes: Curves represent sensuality and softness. · A bed canopy will instantly transform your space.

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