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Tea Tales

Life is like a cup of tea, it’s all in how you make it. Indians are fiercely passionate about their chai… I know I am. It’s something that’s been an intrinsic part of our culture since several generations.

Keeping in mind India’s passion for tea, The Hillcart Tales has possibly the most exotic selection of teas available in the country. Coming from a line of A. Tosh and Sons Tea Merchants, the company’s legacy traces back to more than 120 years. With so much history and experience, you can be sure of what you’re buying!

They sent me three boxes of their different tea varieties to review – Ebony, Evergreen and Exotic Melange. Their melange being a black tea assortment, a green tea assortment and a Tisane assortment. I was highly intrigued by the large variety of flavours to choose from.

 The Ebony Melange comes in aromatic flavours like – Mystical Assam, Darjeeling Muscatel, Mango Dolce, English Breakfast, Imperial Earl Grey, Dark Limon and Rwandan Select

The Evergreen Melange come in fresh flavours, like Indian Holy Basil, Magical Mint, Honey Limon, and Emerald Green.

The Exotic Melange had the most exciting exotic flavours, like Apple Strudel, Caramel Dream, Strawberry Lime, Lemon Cake, Tiramisu Delight, Blood Orange, Berries burst etc

The packaging was my absolute favourite! I loved the fact that the tea leaves came inside a muslin bag instead of a traditional tea bag, it added so much character! The muslin bag was further wrapped inside an origami pouch which folded out to unveil a “quote of the day” coaster. God is in the details right?

The company has more than a century worth of experience, which shows in their tea selection – their sheer variety was something fascinating in itself. After indulging in their teas for a week straight, I can confirm that the flavours have been fine-tuned to perfection.

Personally I’m not one of those that can tuck away their good teas for guests – I would want to delight in these ever so often. But that being said, the packaging is so beautiful, it would also make for a perfect gift, and furthermore a perfect conversation starter while entertaining. I think if I was offered a steaming cup of Apple Strudel tea at a friend’s home, I would be floored!

You can buy the Hillcart Tea boxes from their website from Nature’s Basket / Neelam Foodland stores.

The perfect selection

Pioneers of Tea

My favourite! Highly recommended!

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