Should You Quit Your Job To Become An Influencer?

If you are a 20 something millennial, the most common thing you will hear is ‘follow your dream’. And because I do what I do, I have countless young girls messaging and emailing - asking me if they should quit their job and start blogging / influencing for a living. They are seeking guidance, and they want a glimmer of hope that leaving behind a life of financial security will be worth it. So is it worth it? My answer is a simple NO. Not a cutthroat ‘no’ but a matter of fact ‘no’. Read on and I’ll tell you why.

1. Today It Takes Longer To Do Well On The Internet
Saturation online has made it more difficult today to earn money online relativeLY compared to just a few years ago. Everyone wants to be a blogger, where is your niche? How are your different? Are you ready for an extremely slow growth rate with no benefits for more than a year? In all probability you will probably be pumping in your own money VS making money.

2. No Stable Income
Don’t quit your career until your ‘blog’ is generating more than you are making at work. And like anything new you embark upon - you still need a business plan!

3. Learn And Experiment For Free
There is a brutal learning curve when initially embarking on the social media journey. Why would you want to give up a steady salary just to experiment and make mistakes? You can easily do that during evenings and weekends.

4. Discipline
Most people don’t have the discipline it takes to achieve their goals in the time frame initially targeted. The initial thrill of taking pictures and creating content is replaced by laziness and burn out. Success requires more than pretty pictures, and when you don’t see any results, would you still continue giving it a 100%

5. Unable to Nurture Creativity
Making money online is not for the desperate. When you have a stable income on the side, creating content on the weekends will be done with a certain peace of mind. Your hunger to start churning out advertisements should not be greater than your need to CREATE.

6. You Can’t Control Algorithms
There are certain things that are beyond our control, such as search engine behaviour or the Instagram algorithm. It could take years for search engines to get to know you, start trusting you and then start sending traffic your way.

Do you agree? Disagree? Have thoughts? Would love to know your thoughts!

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