Orange Peel - 5 alternate home uses

1. Use it as a natural room freshener

Collect the orange peels, add cinnamon and clove sticks and bring to a slow simmer. The waft will carry around and make your home smell like fall

2. Use it to polish your shower heads

Just rub it on your shower heads and taps and watch them sparkle

3. Use it for skincare

Let the peels dry out for a few days in the sun and then grind it into a fine powder. Use this peel powder with yogurt as a face mask to help with lightening old acne marks. This powder also helps with removing your tan and brightening your face in general.

4. Add the citrus peel into your wine

Makes for delicious mulled wine.

5. Make an insect repellant

Add the peels and then pour vinegar to fill the jar. Store this for 2 weeks, then strain and use in a spray bottle. Works amazingly well against mosquitos!

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