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Newborn Essentials

So since I got such an overwhelming poll requesting my list of Newborn must haves – here they are. For 0-6 months - keep in mind these worked for me and both my kids, but it’s a personal preference really. Also most of these products were bought back in 2012 when there was no amazon India, so here ive added the links of if you click on the product

Nose Frida the Snot sucker – My littlest one got her first cold just out of the hospital and trust me its heart breaking to see them stuffy and unable to breathe. This device with a combination of Saline Nasal Spray will serve you well.

Boppy nursing pillow – It is just so multifunctional, and I find it super comfortable.

Medela Pump in Style – Since I was/am a strong advocate for exclusive breastfeeding, I did invest good money in a hospital grade double pump. It also helps with increasing your supply if you get into a healthy pumping routine.

Avent classic bottles – I only ever used the slowest flow nipple (number 1) because this helps in avoiding nipple confusion if you’re planning on breastfeeding and bottle feeding your expressed milk when you’re not around. The nipples would differ for formula fed babies i presume.

Maha Hing Roll on – Great for relieving tummy aches / gas by rolling it on the naval area. Its natural too with hing as the active ingrediant.

Little Remedies – This was natural gripe water for those horrible colic days.

Motherlove nipple cream / diaper rash cream – This is 100% organic with only herbal ingredients. I couldn't recommend this more especially when they are just out of the hospital.

Zoli teether – this gives unreal relief for those teething days. Combined with BC21 homeopathic medicine (speak to your paediatrician first)

BabyBjorn baby carrier – I love baby wearing, and I even used to baby wear in the house in the early days, so I could just have my hands free to work.

A Rocking bassinet - I did feel that this was amazing for those fussy days when nothing would help and she would wake up as soon as I put her down. There are loads of options available these days, I am using a discontinued Stokke model so there's no link available.

Hair wash Bath Rinser – Avoid the hysteria when you wash their hair, this tumbler has a protective scooper that doesn't let the shampoo get in their eyes

Jumparoo – I started using this at 5 months once she had more control over her muscles and it keeps her entertained for surprisingly long periods.

Baby Bath support – Amaaaaziinggg right from birth up to 6 months or more depending on the weight of your baby.

Avent 3-in-1 steam steriliser – So useful, use it for bottles and later for cutlery, teethers etc.

Flannel Lap pads – Great for putting under your crib sheet or even on your changing pad for accidental spills / leaks / spit up

I’ll keep updating it if I think of more, but hopefully I’ve covered most of it now!
Enjoy your little one, they grow up wayyyyy too fast! :-)

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