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How to keep your succulents alive!

Succulents! The blog world is surely not getting enough of them and rightly so. Why wouldn’t you lose your heart to tiny little green bundle of joy {mutters to self, come here you tiny little fluffy plant, let me eat you up}. I’d be surprised if you didn’t. Plus they, unlike a lot of cute things, do wonderful with very little care, and grow fairly well on their own without you having to tend too much. But unfortunately a lot of us see them shrivel and die at home. Why would that be? Well, that’s probably because of a few things that we aren’t doing right! Ofcourse plant nurseries often send us home with, “water every 3 days” and not a word which makes that sentence the bible. Point is, what might be the condition in the nursery might not be the condition indoors. So watering every 3 days might be the exact reason why your plant just died on you! I have killed a few myself and I have learnt through plant-heartbreaks the hard way. Good for you, you don’t have to. Here are a few things that worked for me wonderfully when it came to Succulents and I think {hope} that it’ll work for you too. Even if you have a charcoal thumb. Find a sunny spot for your succulents No matter what people tell you, without atleast 3 hours in a sunny spot your succulent will not survive. Even if it does it will grow tall and the leaves will be spread out because they are looking for more sun! Water once a week Give your succulents a good soak once a week. Really, that is enough. These plants store water in their leaf and too much water will make the leaves drop. Use a well draining soil For your succulents, use a potting soil that drains well. Succulents are susceptible to rot if water doesn’t drain well. A gravely loose potting soil works well. I have seen these succulent pots with no drainage holes sold online and people think just a sprinkling of water is enough to make them thrive. No it’s not. Your succulents need water and it needs to drain through. so a drainage hole is a must. Use a fertilizer monthly For best results, use compost or a monthly fertilizer. I use only compost and it works pretty well. Use a container that breathes Honestly, pay attention to this. Succulents might be sold in plastic containers but for long term goodness, shift them to a terracotta or a ceramic container. Breathable materials will ensure less heating of the pot, easy water evaporation and better growth. Plastic is no good. I had these tiny succulents growing in a ceramic container, which actually died after I shifted them to a plastic pot. So I’d say no to plastic. For a 2″succulent buy a 2.5″pot Quite obvious because they like us need space to grow. And that is if you are planting them by themselves. For more variety added, add space for each variety. Try this out and tell us if it doesn’t work. And if it still don’t well, there are plenty of pretty options inspired by succulents that you can surround yourself with. Article by our lovely Guest Blogger Rukmini Ray Kadam Read more from her on

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