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DIY Jackson Pollock inspired jeans

Love these Jackson Pollock inspired denims! And they are literally the easiest thing to DIY!

  1. Start with a pair of light or medium wash denims so the paint splatters show up nicely. Lay them over some newspaper so you don’t get paint all over your floor.
  2. Get fabric paint in the colours of your choice.
  3. Wear rubber gloves (don’t skip this)
  4. Fill the paints into 2 medium sized containers
  5. Dip your gloved hand into the container and start flicking paint over your denims.
  6. Create a fist, and then quickly open it to flick the paint onto the jeans. If you want a thicker splatter, keep your hand close to the jeans and flick from side to side. If you want a lighter splatter, bring your hand up higher.
  7. Wait atleast an hour before flipping over your jeans to the backside
  8. Once you’re done flip the garment inside out, wash in cold water, and hang dry.
  9. Wear it with a white shirt and a BIG smile


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