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DIY Book Christmas Tree

Another super easy DIY tutorial, this time a very minimalistic Christmas book tree that I attempted to make for my bedroom side table. The 4 foot Christmas snow pine was too large and overwhelming for anything other than the living room, so I wanted something that blended into the room decor but yet added a bit of Christmas cheer.

For the base I added a book box I had lying around, you could probably add any small rectangle box though.

Next I started layering open spined books. It was a good idea to add a few hardback books to give support wherever possible because they help achieve the tree shape.

Simply add the books in ascending order and then string on some fairy lights and a few ornaments if you want to accessorise some more. I made 2 versions but eventually went back to the more minimalistic version because that’s more my style.

Let me know if you try this! Happy Holidays everyone!!

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