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Choosing decor together

One of the most amusing things about working at a store like mine is watching couples pick out their décor together. If they are just dating / newly engaged they aren’t so opinionated, but if they’ve been married a few years…woweee that can be a highly vocal and dramatic scenario unfolding before my eyes! People are constantly asking me about how my husband Deep is so supportive about my décor choices. Be it the oversized watercolour flowers on our upholstery, the Monet canvas prints or the watering cans filled with silk peonies. I just have a good laugh, because he recently told me off, stating that our house now looks like an old grandma’s home! (NOT! Its called cottage-chic haha). But after giving it some thought, I realised that I actually did have ONE really helpful tip that was a game changer for us when we were newly married and decorating from scratch – Simply make a mood board together! (Virtual or physical cutouts, whatever floats your boat)
  • Pick a color scheme
  • General inspirations, cutouts from magazines / Pinterest
  • Discuss ‘finishes’ of the different elements that would come into play (eg. wood / metal / hardware)
  • Decide on a theme that you really love (or if you cant do that, decide on a theme you both equally hate!)
  • Are you’ll leaning towards coordinated / or mix and matching different styles?
I really believe a mood board is the number one reason any good home turns out cohesive and functional. There’s physical evidence in front of you and not jumbled up thoughts of the end product in each other minds (and sigh! technology doesn’t let us read minds yet). There will be less chances of that impulsive cushion purchase from a discount sale as it strictly steers you to stick to your theme. P.S – Keep a copy of this moodboard on your phone so that you can refer to it when you’re out shopping! 🙂

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