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Bohemian-Chic Decor

Going bohemian with your decor is a good idea if you're one of those who dislikes fancy rules, or anything orderly and perfect. Here's a list of how you can add a little eclectic touch to your space without making it look chaotic! I like to call it 'bohemian-chic' because it still retains a little sophistication.
  • Mix and match patterns
  • Celebrate color
  • Lots and lots (and lots) ofpillows
  • Kantha quilts keep thesophistication but yet look organic enough
  • Lose the matching furniture set
  • Macramand rope accents should sneak in somewhere
  • Nothing should be over-coordinated or match too precisely.
  • A canopy bed is just what the boho-chic bedroom ordered
  • Antiques and rustic finds look great with this vibe, anything too new and straight lined won't make the cut.
  • Mix textures! For example – linen cushions, embroidered bedding and then maybe a fur flokati rug on the floor.
  • Richly patterned wallpaper should make its appearance somewhere!
  • Add plants, a lot of them. If you have a green thumb, you can add flowering plants too
  • Wood is your best friend; a cherry finish makes your bohemian space look authentic!
  • Pile up coffee table books, it gives the un-orderly vibe but still looks chic
  • Think free-spirited when you are decorating!

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