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Beauty secrets for the busy woman

Written for Being an entrepreneur and a mother, my job does not have timings. It begins when the sun streams into my window and ends when I cannot keep my eyes open any longer. With a tight schedule between running my store and giving in to the demands of my toddler, I manage to apply makeup and style my hair without much of a fuss. If you, like me, are always looking for make-up tips on the go, here are a few of my secrets…
  1. I believe in the power of oil, which is why I’ve created my own blend for my hair. I mix basil oil, a few drops of peppermint oil and a carrier oil like coconut oil. The basil oil will leave your hair supple and fragrant, the peppermint oil encourages new growth while the carrier oil blends them together.
  2. While I keep my make-up minimal on a daily basis, a pert pink lip can change your beauty game. A natural pink lipstick is a great investment in order for you to look effortlessly chic on a day out.
  3. On a bad hair day, twist your hair to the side and secure it with a bobby pin. This side ponytail will save face when you’re in a hurry and have you looking presentable on the go.
  4. To exfoliate your face naturally, use a paste of ground coffee and sugar which will leave you with smooth skin.
  5. When greasy hair is bringing you down, dusting baby powder on your roots doubles up as dry shampoo with a delicate fragrance.
  6. As a final rinse in the shower, using rock salt over your body will leave your skin feeling velvety soft!
  7. Get rid of dark circles by massaging almond oil around the eye area with the gentle pressure of your ring fingers.
  8. For those stubborn acne marks that never seem to fade, apply a mixture of honey and lemon juice, which is a never-fail solution.
  9. For a quick detox, a green smoothie always does the trick. My favorite blend of cucumber, mint, spinach and kiwi is both, refreshing and energizing!
  10. An effective way to wake up in the morning is with a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and chia seeds mixed into water, which will flush out the toxins built overnight.

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