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Beautiful Homes

In today’s post I wanted to share a newly launched quintessential online home décor magazine I stumbled across – Beautiful Homes Portals like these, make décor planning streamlined – touching on topics like current trends, style guides, DIY ideas and mood boards. I especially like that it had ideas from across the world, but were yet adapted to the Indian sensibility. I’m always really enthusiastic to promote Indian home and interior blogs because I truly feel it’s still so untapped and unexplored as an area of interest. There isn’t enough importance given to interiors and the average Indian consumer concentrates so much on fashion but fails to recognize that their home is an extension of their personality. While browsing their site on a particularly lazy Sunday morning in bed, I came across a few articles that caught my eye, and made me want to immediately implement them, so here goes: 1. "Five Home Fragrance ideas" ended up being just effective enough to bring about a little festive spirit to my space. I’m a sucker for scents like Jasmine and Rose – so I immediately bottled some gulab jal (rose water) and sprayed it around my bedroom and living room to create a little festive fragrant oasis. Another brilliant tip was to drop a slice of lemon into my vaporizer which worked like a charm. 2. Trending away on their blog were this season’s must have – little succulent beauties – I immediately jumped on the cactus bandwagon! Can’t get enough of these little guys. 3. With 2017 round the corner, I was also organizing and cleaning my space. Being borderline OCD myself, I loved their articles on ‘organising your dresser’ And I can confirm with a very wide smile that decluttering is the key to happiness! Let me know what inspired you in the comments below…anything that caught your eye and you’re looking forward to implementing in your next mini home-makeover? Image Courtesy – Beautiful Homes

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