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5 common design mistakes

Ah the excitement of a new place to live. All those rooms to arrange with furniture! All those walls to fill with art! Step around common mistakes most new couples make and I promise you you’ll have a better looking home by the end of it. Mistake 1: Bad seating arrangement Is your living room rocking a pushed-against-the-wall look? Or do your guests have to shout to hear each other across the room? Does your bedroom feel tiny because of how you’ve laid out your furniture? Working on how you arrange your can have a huge impact on your home, so spend some time chalking out this part. Mistake 2: Art hung too high Don’t let badly hung art ruin your room composition. Make sure you use a measuring tape and get it right. Mistake 3: Too much clutter on tabletops Take a hard look at your tabletop decor and consider scaling them back. You don’t have to get rid of any fun accessories — just grab a carton to store excess items and switch them around once you feel a need for change. Mistake 4: Badly styled bookshelves An unruly bookcase can have a disorganized effect on an entire room, so spend some time curating and designing bookshelves in each room Mistake 5: Test those paint colours Even if you have a white paint you have used in every one of your homes because it always looks great — still make time to test paint colours. Every home, every configuration, light level, wall type is different from the last. Also keep in mind [aint swatches in books will never look the same on your walls.

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